Granite Flooring In Vaughan Homes Is a Booming Trend

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Granite Is Popular at Home

Granite has gone upscale – and indoors. It is now the stone of choice for kitchen countertops and backsplashes. And granite flooring in Vaughan homes is booming as a trend because of the stone's advantages of durability. Its density protects it against chipping, denting and scratching and it's perfect for high-traffic areas.
The preferred use of granite in flooring is with tiles. These are a blend of materials but, other than that, are hard to differentiate from larger granite slabs. Granite tiles also possess all the good attributes of pure stone. Tiles offer solid protection against damage and are easy to install. They are versatile in shape – and come in a startling array of colours and patterns.

Granite Is Colourful!

Arguably the most beautiful stone material available to the public, granite is stunning to look at and immediately gives focus to a kitchen. It comes in a broad range of colour bases and accents and there is always one that will work perfectly with your décor colour. Because the stone is often speckled with colour, one major consideration is what kind of natural light do you have in your kitchen, and where does it fall. Light picks up the fascinating variance in each piece of stone.
Granite falls into six general categories, determined by their base colours, patterns and shades.
  • Azul granite is popular in kitchens and has beautiful blues, and a stunning shine.
  • Black granite is trendy and, when highly polished, can have a mirror like reflection. Black is a bold choice.
  • Gold and copper is outgoing, bringing a sense of excitement to the kitchen.
  • Green comes with a variety of supporting colours, including aqua and blues, grey and gold. As a result it will go with a huge range of existing décor choices in the kitchen.
  • Rose granite is rare and its gentle hues will contrast beautifully with darker cabinets or heavier furnishings.
  • White granite can provide a really sharp contrast to cabinets.
As you research the colour options, you will learn that the stone comes from quarries all around the world, including Norway, Africa, Brazil, China, Spain, the United States and, of course, here in Canada. Ask your dealer about some of the more exotic shades, including Azul Bahia Granite, Rose Granite and Niagara Gold (which, surprisingly, comes from Africa!)

Find a Dealer with a Wide Range Of Stone

Converting your kitchen floor to granite is not as simple as heading off to your local big box dealer and coming home with a little Saturday do-it-yourself job. Granite must be professionally installed, and to get the kind of stone that can create an enduring statement for your kitchen, you have to go to a specialist.
Find a dealer with a showroom that boasts a substantial range of granite and try to see the stone in as large a form as possible, so as to get a true idea of its shading. Look for a company that has been around for a while, one with a solid reputation. Consider a family operation – they will have the most at stake to ensure that your choice of granite flooring is the perfect kind for your Vaughan home.